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PRDD Upcoming Projects

The "Cat Fish" Study

An exploration of personality traits, behaviors and communication styles in relationship development and dymanics in online dating forums.


"Lets Get Physical"

This study will explore the connection between physical activity/exercise, personality and relationship satisfaction. Study goals include an exploration as to association between perceived fitness, body image and personality as predictors of relationship satisfaction among dating individuals.


"Distance makes the heart grow fonder?"

This study will explore the personality correlates of entering into a long distance versus geographically close dating relationship. Study goals include an examination of the frequency and acceptance of infidelity in long distance vs. geographically close relationships as well as the influence of attachment style on commitment and jealousy.


"Virtually Me: Personality influences on Online Dating App Selection"

This study will explore the personality predictors for the specific use of certain online dating sites or apps. Specifically, this study will explore whether or not certain personality characterisitics are predictive of the use of dating apps geared toward more casual "hook-ups" such as Tinder, POF, etc or dating apps/sites geared toward more monagamous relationship development (i.e. Match, eHarmony, etc).




PRDD Independent Research Student Projects


  • Pornography & Personality (Christopher Eckstein)

Project will explore the impact of viewing explicit sexual media on perceptions of attraction. Additionally, will examine the inter-relations among specific personality traits and viewing habits.

  • Individual Differences & the Online Education Environment (Sarah Sacra)

Project explores the predictive validity of personality traits and student success in online only courses.

  • Burden or Broken: Attitudes Towards Psychopathy (Kayo Dame)

Project explores overall attitudes toward individuals labeled as "psychopaths" and how personality predicts judgments regarding rehabilitation of criminals.

  • Facebook and Relationship Satisfaction (Chad Covert)

Project explores how Facebook use relates to overall relationship satisfaction. Personality as a predictor of frequency and type of Facebook use.


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